Omegawow voting, a new way of voting

How to vote correctly!

The most important thing is to vote correctly.
When you have logged in on our votepanel then click on a vote button.
A new site will appear with a input field like this:

Its important to fill in the 2 words, if the words are unreadable then click on the button in the captha box to get a new combination of words.

After filling in, hit the button vote for Omegawow- the online sensation 3.3.5

A new page will load where you see all the sites with banners. click on the Omegawow site banner

Thats all!!!!

Failing the above will result in NOT being rewarded a vote point!!!
In case of error, TRY AGAIN!!

Welcome to Omegawow voting, we need your vote to get higher in the ranking list.
You get points for voting, wich you can use for little extra's ingame, like bags or special mounts or pets.


Our voting system is a community voting, the whole community is in control of how votes go and how to gain a reward for it.
This means that we dont have to monitor our votes, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!!

The more votes at the end of the month, the more exclusive server setting will be active on the gameserver.
With that we mean, more votes, higher rates in drops gold or xp, honor and reputation...

How does it work.....

You vote, the whole community does, if we have enough votes, then there will be a special weekend where EVERYBODY gains advantage INGAME.
This can be double XP weekend, or double drops or gold rates or honor or marks, or combinations.

Here is the deal:

2000-4000 : Double gold rate weekend drops
4000-5000 : Double reputation weekend ( 6x for kills and quests etc.etc.)
5000-6000 : Double XP weekend for kills and quest and explore ( 6x xp rate )
6000-7000 : double xp rate + double gold drop weekend
7000-8000 : Double xp weekend + double rep + double gold drop weekend
8000-9000 : Double xp weekend + double rep + double gold drop + double item drop ( including epics artifacts the whole bunch )
9000-10.000: Double xp weekend+ double rep + double gold drop + double item drop + double honor.

Because the whole community votes, its our idea that the whole community benefits with it, but also the whole community is in control.
if you dont vote or cheat the system, then we dont reach the goal, and offcourse not the higher events will take place.

YOU vote, YOU get special weekend, plain simple..
All level players benefit from it, if its double XP or double Drops or even double honor or battleground marks.


So start working on that special community feeling with voting,

YES bring me to the votepanel to earn points for nice extra items and hopefully we win that special weekend!! (Click here to vote)