Welcome to the OmegaWoW Migration Service!

Please read the whole page really carefully to prevent confusion and unexpected results. We have a set of rules and guidelines for the whole migration process and we need you to understand them well. This makes the whole proccess more pleasant for us all .

Conditions for the server/realm

Conditions for the server/realm

We do not allow transfers from any server. Mainly restricted are servers that offer free gear by so called malls or starter NPCs.
We will check if your gear is legit by looking through your achievements, statistics etc.
In case of doubt the transfer can be denied by the Gamemaster handling the transfer or we only allow the char with legit gear.

We only transfer from servers/realms running on patch 3.3.5a. This means you cannot transfer from servers/realms that run any other patch (including retail).
We do however allow transfers from TBC servers in case you want to migrate a whole guild to our server.. contact Maestro on the forum about it.

It's common sense, but it has to be a legit server and we need to be able to verify it (through a webpage).

We do not transfer from OmegaWoW to OmegaWoW!

Conditions for the characters

We do not transfer every character whose server is eligible for transfers. The main condition is that gear must be obtained through normal means. Thus we need to be able to verify whether your meet the requirements of having the gear on your old character.
In case of doubt the gm may decline your transfer, or if the problem conerns only a few items, not allow the items to be transferred (the GM deletes those items on the transferred character, not the old one)

The character must be original. This means we don't transfer characters that have been transferred from your previous server to your current one because we cannot verify where the character came from.

We transfer every character only once! That means we do not transfer characters that have already been transferred to OmegaWoW in the past. That includes characters that have been banned or deleted due to inactivity.

We do not restrict transfers by character level. You can transfer a character with of level (maximum 80), but keep in mind that transferring a low level character may take a lot longer than leveling a new one on OmegaWoW. The service is mainly meant for high-level characters so you can take your hard work with you to OmegaWoW.

What will be transferred

We aim to provide close to a 1:1 migration. This means we will transfer:
* Levels - You get a character with the same level (80 will be 80 and 26 will be 26).
* Items - You get nearly all of your items. For exceptions see what will not be transferred in the section below. In case of lost items, gm will check and add the missing ones in the transfer process, after that process there is no way to check and add items.
* Mounts and pets
* Achievements. Note: you will lose progress on unobtained achievements.
* Arena points
* Honor points
* Total kills
* Reputations
* Titles - You get nearly all your titles. For exceptions on which ones will not be transferred please see the section below.
* Skill levels (e.g weapon skills, profession skills)
* Gold - You get the amount of gold you had with a maximum of 8000 gold (2345g will be 2345g and 12345g will be 8000g). This will mostly be used to learn your spells again.

What will not be transferred

Due to the mechanics of the migration system and our server policies there are things we do not/cannot transfer. For example:
* Spells - Your basic spells will be set to rank1. You need to train your spells again.
* Talents - Talents will be reset, so you need to set them again.
* Profession recipes - You will need to relearn them.
* PvP titles - Those can only be obtained through OmegaWoW arena seasons.
* Shadowmourne - Only obtainable after completing the full(!) questline on OmegaWoW. Previously obtained [Shadowmourne] Will be converted into [Shadow's Edge].
* Quests - This means all the quests you have done in your previous server you can/must redo on OmegaWoW (including the Shadowmourne questline). This also means that quest rewards are gone (spells, warlock pets, Ashen Verdict rings, etc.) and you can re-obtain them after completing the quests on OmegaWoW.
Note: Death knights - If your character is pacified or the starting zone is phased out, you will have to redo the end of the starting questline. After that your character will be fully functional.
* Enchants etc are not transferred to the new char.
* Items that have random enchants like *of Agility or *of the Eagle can't be transferred with identical stats. While transferring those items will get lost UNLESS you have them on your character; but then again it can be that the item has totally different stats due the random affixes it gets. It's totally random (core funtion) so we cant change that.

Other things to keep in mind

A GM can cancel/deny your transfer at any time, the reason being shown in the migration panel. It can be due to the server not being suitable, character not being suitable or the transfer details being faulty.

When you do the chardump we expect honesty and fair play. That means: do NOT try to scam us. Sending items to multiple characters in order to get those things double is forbidden. In case of suspicion, we reserve the right to not transfer those items, cancel your transfer or, if you continuously do that, permanently ban you from OmegaWoW.

It is also forbidden to alter the character in order to make us believe it's a different one to get it transferred multiple times. This can result in permanent ban.

Do not provide false information about your previous server or account. In case of scamming it can result in permanent ban. That also includes making us believe you transfer it from another server while you actually try to transfer it from OmegaWoW.

The GM will check your main char, please be sure that the gear which you truly want is ON your main character, since when it's in bank checking becomes harder.

Note: When a transfer is done the character will be moved from your old server to OmegaWoW, this means it won't exist on the old server, it's a transfer not a copy function, so it won't exist on your old server anymore.

You can transfer a death knight without having a character of level 55+ on the account.

You can transfer as many DIFFERENT characters to OmegaWoW as you wish.

This migration software is in Beta and it can be that some parts do not go that well. This means that some things can go missing. We do our best to transfer all items but we can't guarantee that. In case something is missing, you will have to regain everything yourself. We do not refund lost items/achievements/reputations/etc.
What we do is make sure that you have a 1:1 copy of the char with the items you have on the char from your old server, so be sure to attach the items on your char when we check your char.
In case we see you miss an item on OmegaWoW and that is on the char on your old server, we will add said item.

How to transfer?

First, make sure you have a game account in OmegaWoW. If you don't have one yet you can do that HERE.

Then you need to log into migration panel, which you can find HERE.

After loging into migration panel you need to download an addon called OmegaDump. Look at the picture below to see where to find it (the name of the rar-file can differ):

Please install that addon like any other addon. Unpack the rar-file into your %Wowfolder%\Interface\AddOns folder. After that log into the server from where you want to transfer. When you are logged in do the following:
Open spellbook, character tab, skills, reputations and everything else. Don't rush it. Give it time to let the game load everything. Basicly open as much as you can. Open your bags (all of them, also bank items if you wish you transfer those) and you might even hover over all the items with your mouse.
In the end leave as many windows open that you can (bags, profession tab, spellbook). It might be flooding your screen but the more is open the higher the chance you will get everything. For example like that:

Then type /chardump

If everything goes well you will see the following information in the chat window:

This means that everything is dumped.

After that log out of your other server the normal way. Do not ALT+F4 or just close the game window.

Chardump created a file which includes all the info about your character. You can find the file from this location:
%Wowfolder% \ WTF \ Account \ %Username% \ SavedVariables \ OmegaDump.lua
Remember where the file is or copy it to some other location, so you can easily find it later.

Now go back to migration panel and click on this button:

You will enter a new part of the migration website where you will be asked to fill in some information. This looks like that:

Be sure to fill in the account details (username and password) of the acount on your other server. We need it to log into the account on your other server to verify the character you want to transfer. This means, a GM will check if all the information is valid and that you are not trying to scam us.
Also, fill in the details of your other server (URL, realmname, xp-rate) as shown on the picture below.
Finally, the most important thing: Upload the OmegaDump.lua file you created earlier. Keep in mind that the character will be transferred to the account that you used to log into migration panel and upload the dumpfile to.

Hit the button

If everything goes well you will see that you have done it right and that the character is ready to be reviewed by a GM.

In case it was still slighty confusing then you can watch a video tutorial. This is made by an Omegawow player:

ENJOY watching it.

Complications and error messages

It can happen that you get an error message when you want to finish the transfer process. Those are the possible messages:

* "You have too many characters on your account. Please delete a character or log in with a different account and try again." - This means your account is full and there is no room for a new character. The maximum amount of characters you can put on 1 account is 10.

* "The queue is full (150/150)! Sorry, you will have to wait until our queue frees up, thank you for your patience!" - This means that at this moment all the spots in the queue are taken. The message can also show 0/0, which means that our queue is currently closed. You will have to wait until the queue is open again. Keep an eye on our main page, it will be announced there.

* "Transfers from this server are rejected." - This means that we dont allow transfers from this server.

* If your transfer gets declined you can see the reason when you hover over the rejected character name.

If you have any more problems/questions feel free to join OmegaWoW forums Transfer/Migration section (P.S you need a separate forum account for it).

Hope to see you soon with your old/new character in Omegawow - the online sensation!