1:1 Migration from all servers!!

We offer now 1:1 full migration of characters from all servers.

So migrate your chars now to Omegawow and make it your new home.
In case you want to Migrate a whole guild, contact Maestro on the forum for special fast deals!
Also if your server is dying, we will offer streamlined faster migration then any other server out there..
We will prioritize your migration in such cases!!

Happy Easter double rates weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 17 Apr : 19:26

Happy Easter from Omegawow.

Rate until the end of Easter will be 6x for kill/quest/explore and reputation.
Drops will also be double, and also the gold drop.


Double Special weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 04 Apr : 18:29

From now until Monday April 7th 2014 we will have Double Special Weekend.

That means that the Xp rate will be 6x for kill/quest/explore.
That the drop rate is also double ( 6x for most items, boss drops 2x )
That gold drop will also be double ( 2x instead of 1x )

We hope you have a nice weekend and please vote for Omegawow.

OmegaWoW the TRUE 3x Blizzlike server

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 30 Mar : 23:06

OmegaWoW has the following rates.

XP Kill/quest/explore 3x Blizzlike
Reputation quest/kill 3x Blizzlike
Drops ( poor/normal/uncommon ) 3x
Drops ( rare) 2x
Drops ( epic ) 1x
Drops ( artifact ) 1x
Drops ( gold ) 1x

Double Drop and gold weekend march 29+30

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 29 Mar : 10:11

This weekend DOUBLE drop weekend and DOUBLE gold weekend.
Besides our 25 XP rate we will now have this weekend a double drop and double gold weekend.

Drop will be 6x, gold will be 2x

Time to gear up that toon chief!!

World chat function implementation

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 27 Mar : 13:59

At this moment i have implemented the world chat function.
This means that with the command .world you can talk to everybody on the server.
Its not bound to alliance or horde, so both faction can see it.

Ofcourse normal chat rules applies, No spamming, no advertising, no flaming and such.
Just behave and have a nice time.
In case you dont want to see the chat, you must change in your client that you dont want to see system messages, or move system messages
out of your chat window to another chat window.

Hopefully this new function will give people some more community feeling and enjoyment on our server.

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