1:1 Migration from all servers!!

We offer now 1:1 full migration of characters from all servers.

So migrate your chars now to Omegawow and make it your new home.
In case you want to Migrate a whole guild, contact Maestro on the forum for special fast deals!
Also if your server is dying, we will offer streamlined faster migration then any other server out there..
We will prioritize your migration in such cases!!

25% discount coupon on our Omegapanel

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 16 Jul : 11:14

25% Discount on when buying points on the Omegapanel.
For a limited time ( till 21th of july ) you will get 25% discount on the price of Donation Points in our Omegapanel.

All you need to do is use this as coupon code: Maestrobirthday
Then it will show you the 25% discount.

This is because of the birthday of Maestro on july 17th.

Special weekend july 4th till the end of july 6th 2014

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 04 Jul : 10:33

This weekend ( fri/sat/sun ) we will have a special weekend.
We will raise the rates this weekend.

The rates will be double, so 14x Xp for kill/quest/explore and drops as well.

Enjoy this weekend!!!

June 27th till end of June 29th Double Xp rate

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 27 Jun : 14:35

This weekemd Friday/Saturday/Sunday we will have a double Xp weekend.
So instead of the normal 7x Xprate you have now these days 14x XP.

This is for kills, quests and explore.

Enjoy it these days, time to levelup with your friends a fresh new toon on OmegaWoW.

In case even these rates are too much to levelup and you have a char on another server??
Maybe its then time to Migrate your char to OmegaWoW.

We offer a very unique almost 1:1 migration system.. read all about it on our migration page.

We welcome also guilds that want to transfer from 2.4.3 servers and can also prioritize transfers from certain servers, specially if whole guilds migrate to our server.

Crossfaction grouping and trading.

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 17 Jun : 11:26

As test we have now Cross faction grouping and trading.
This means you can group with people from opposite faction and mail and trade items gold etc with each other.
Also specially handy when you have items on a char that you want to transfer to another toon on the same account.

Remember that PVP rules still applies, you are hostile to eachother until the time you group with each other.
Also in specific situations where faction based encounters are in progress, the encounter will be active on the raid leaders faction.

As test we must see how this goes and holds… so it can always be reverted.

Double XP weekend due Pentecost

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 06 Jun : 13:47


Due Pentecost we have now on friday/sat/sun/mon/ double xp.
s instead of 7x we have 14x Xp.


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