1:1 Migration from all servers!!

We offer now 1:1 full migration of characters from all servers.

So migrate your chars now to Omegawow and make it your new home.
In case you want to Migrate a whole guild, contact Maestro on the forum for special fast deals!
Also if your server is dying, we will offer streamlined faster migration then any other server out there..
We will prioritize your migration in such cases!!

Faction change 25% off this weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 05 Sep : 10:27

25% off the price of Faction change this weekend.
So now its not 250 points but 187 points to change your faction!.
ONLY this weekend!!

Happy Weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 05 Sep : 10:21

Due last month voting we have this weekend the following rates
Xp rate 10x for kill/quest/explore.


1400 + likes on our Facebook page

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 28 Aug : 00:10

Since we have reached more then 1400 likes on our facebook page i decided to reward EVERY ingame account with 30 votepoints.
Thank you for supporting Omegawow!!!

New core update August 22th 2014

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 22 Aug : 00:09

A new core has been installed along with alot of fixes.
Below is in short what has been fixed, it was way more, but for now these are the major things.

Fix Frogger (Naxxramas): more information > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46vI6Dm302E
Pit of Saron - Exploding Orb fix.
ICC: Added Orange/Green Blight Residue to festergut and rotface
ICC: fixed Festergut Malleable Goo
Pit of Saron: Eye of the Lich King in Pit of Saron so it randomly whispers players
ICC: Summon Sealed Chest quest npc's upon the Lich King's Death
Karazhan: Boss Maiden of Virtue rewritten timers
Icecrown? Citadel: The Teleporters in ICC are now Blizzlike.

Investigate the Alchemist Shop
Let Them Not Rise
Hive'Zora Scout Report
Banishing Portal
Tainted Memorandum
Volatile Mutations pre-req. removed.
Spare Parts
The Emissary
The Missing Diplomat
Fool's Stout
The Tome of Valor
Master of the Storm
The Symbol of Live conditions changed.
first trial quest credit fixed.
Gyromast's Revenge
a Carver and a Croaker
Healing the lake
Medicinal Purpose
An Alternative Alternative
Rune Covered Tablet
Saving Princess Stillpine
The Fallen Courier
Abandoned Investigations
Powering Our Defenses
Foolish Endeavors
Plagued Lands
Rise Obsidion
The Chain Gun and You
Me Brother, Nipsy
The Perfect Stout
stealing back the mushrooms.
Shutting Down Manaforge B'naar
Shutting Down Manaforge Coruu
Shutting Down Manaforge Duro
Shutting Down Manaforge Ara
Blighted Last Rites
Test at Sea

Some problems with neutral innkeepers are fixed.
Malefic Necromancer scripted.
Undying Minion scripted.
Citadel Watcher scripted.
Cultist Shard Watcher scripted.
Bitter Initiate scripted.
Cult Blackguard scripted.
Cult Conspirator scripted.
Cult Researcher scripted.
Cult Taskmaster scripted.
Cultist Corrupter scripted.
Shadow Channeler scripted.
Shadow Cultist scripted.
Void Summoner scripted.
Wyrm Reanimator scripted.
Vile Torturer scripted.
Overseer Faedris scripted.
Overseer Jhaeqon scripted.
Overseer Savryn scripted.
Overseer Veraj scripted.
Cultist Acolyte scripted.
Vrykul Necrolord scripted.
Frostbrood Whelp scripted.
Ymirheim Defender scripted.
Ymirheim Chosen Warrior scripted.
Ymirjar Element Shaper scripted.
Blight Falconer scripted.
Scourge Converter scripted.
Converted Hero scripted.
Scourge Banner-Bearer scripted.
Skeletal Constructor scripted.
Spiked Ghoul scripted.
Mjordin Water Magus scripted.
Sentry Worg scripted.
Glacial Bonelord scripted.
Skeletal Archmage scripted.
Thexal Deathchill scripted.
Pustulent Horror scripted.
Skeletal Runesmith scripted.
Umbral Brute scripted.
Lumbering Atrocity scripted.
Stinker scripted.
Kor'kron overseer gossip fix.
Stormwind Marine faction fixed.
Topper McNabb will now even yell more bullshit, enjoy alliance!
Monstrous Kaliri wrong aura removed.
Caged Human Male spawntime fixed.
deleted various caged females and males
Caged Squirrel removed
Spawn overseer Kraggosh and the 4 Kor'kron overseers which are missing from the Apothacarium
Caged human male spawns
Caged human female spawns
Apothecary Keever scripted.
Brother Malach scripted.
Master Apothecary Faranell scripted.
Sergeant Houser scripted.
Gerald Abernathy scripted.
Theresa scripted.
Boneguard Commanders scripted.
Diktynna scripted.
Minigob Manabonk
Skorn Whitecloud text fix.
Technician Zhanaa scripted
Highvale Outrunner spawn spawn fix
Lyria Skystrider scripted.
Oglethorpe Obnoticus scripted.
Audrid scripted event for the repeating event at the vault of Lights Exodar.
Tobin scripted event for the repeating event at the vault of Lights Exodar .
Torian scripted event for the repeating event at the vault of Lights Exodar .
Omony scripted event for the repeating event at the vault of Lights Exodar .
Kurzon scripted event for the repeating event at the vault of Lights Exodar .
Skeletal Mage scripted.
Eliza scripted.
Singe scripted.
Morganth scripted.
Redridge Poacher scripted.
Shadowhide Darkweaver scripted.
Redridge Mystic scripted.
Blackrock Shadowcaster scripted.
Black Dragon Whelp scripted.
Defias Renegade Mage scripted.
Riverpaw Mystic scripted.
Murloc Minor Oracle scripted.
Murloc Hunter scripted.
Riverpaw Scout scripted.
Nightbane Shadow Weaver scripted.
Murloc Minor Tidecaller scripted.
Murloc Scout scripted.
Marisa du'Paige scripted.
Goblin Engineer scripted.
Bloodscalp Axe Thrower scripted.
Skullsplitter Axe Thrower scripted.
Bloodscalp Mystic scripted.
Skullsplitter Mystic scripted.
Skeletal Healer scripted.
Splinter Fist Fire Weaver scripted.
Defias Enchanter scripted.
Kurzen Headshrinker scripted.
Frostmane Novice scripted.
Mosshide Mistweaver scripted.
Mosshide Mystic scripted.
Dragonmaw Shadowwarder scripted.
Lost Whelp scripted.
Flamesnorting Whelp scripted.
Dark Iron Demolitionist scripted.
Riverpaw Shaman scripted.
Venture Co. Mechanic scripted.
Frostmane Headhunter scripted.
Frostmane Shadowcaster scripted.
Thunderhawk Hatchling scripted.
Bristleback Hunter scripted.
Bristleback Geomancer scripted.
Razormane Hunter scripted.
Razormane Geomancer scripted.
Kolkar Wrangler scripted.
Kolkar Stormer scripted.
Dragonflayer Seer scripted.
Blackrock Shadowcaster scripted.
Stonesplinter Scout scripted.
Stonesplinter Seer scripted.
Tunnel Rat Scout scripted.
Mo'grosh Shaman scripted.
Mo'grosh Mystic scripted.
Frostmane Seer scripted.
Magosh scripted.
Bluegill Raider scripted.
Splinter Fist Enslaver scripted.
Darkeye Bonecaster scripted.
Scarlet Neophyte scripted.
Bloodsail Mage scripted.
Bloodsail Warlock scripted.
Bloodsail Elder Magus scripted.
Defias Watchman scripted.
Defias Magician scripted.
Skeletal Sorcerer scripted.
Skeletal Acolyte scripted.
Scarlet Mage scripted.
Scarlet Hunter scripted.
Scarlet Magus scripted.
Araj the Summoner scripted.
Dalaran Apprentice scripted.
Ravenclaw Servant scripted.
Dalaran Wizard scripted.
Deeb scripted.
Dalaran Mage scripted.
Dalaran Conjuror scripted.
Dalaran Spellscribe scripted.
Shadow Sprite scripted.
Bloodfeather Sorceress scripted.
Bloodfeather Matriarch scripted.
Dragonmaw Scout scripted.
Garneg Charskull scripted.
Archmage Ataeric scripted.
Greymist Oracle scripted.
Syndicate Shadow Mage scripted.
Syndicate Saboteur scripted.
Crushridge Mage scripted.
Dalaran Theurgist scripted.
Magistrate Henry Maleb scripted.
Baron Vardus scripted.
Argus Shadow Mage scripted.
Syndicate Wizard scripted.
Magistrate Burnside scripted.
Dark Strand Voidcaller scripted.
Dun Garok Rifleman scripted.
Dun Garok Priest scripted.
Dalaran Summoner scripted.
Daggerspine Shorehunter scripted.
Daggerspine Siren scripted.
Mudsnout Shaman scripted.
Torn Fin Coastrunner scripted.
Torn Fin Oracle scripted.
Hillsbrad Councilman scripted.
Warden Belamoore scripted.
Jailor Marlgen scripted.
Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver scripted.
Captain Keelhaul scripted.
Witherbark Shadowcaster scripted.
Witherbark Axe Thrower scripted.
Boulderfist Magus scripted.
Boulderfist Shaman scripted.
Drywhisker Surveyor scripted.
Dark Iron Shadowcaster scripted.
Syndicate Pathstalker scripted.
Syndicate Conjuror scripted.
Syndicate Magus scripted.
Strahad Farsan missing gossip
Doc Mixilpixil missing gossip
Innkeeper Belm fixed.
Zangen Stonehoof daily event scripted.
Lesser Scorching Totem fixed.
Alpha Worg fixed.
Henry Stern Scripted.
Apprentice Mirveda rescripted.
Perry Gatner scripted.
Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch scripted

Black Magic can not be removed after death
Hammer of the Righteous, removed the double dips.
Fixed issues with Death and Decay and similar spells not ticking if players stepping in the AoE are not in LoS with the caster.
Fixed LoS checks for spells like shadowfury

Beginnings completion text on quests have been fixed.
Grelin Whitebeard's Journal
fixed possible exploit with taunt during escape event on HoR.
Remove no longer needed Summon Imp quests
Set fist weapon skill value equal to current unarmed skill when learning fist weapons for the first time
Maraudon portal spawned.
Spawn some missing mailboxes in SW and UC.
Kil'Sorrow Area in Nagrand. Added spawns, pathing, visual spells, and fixed SAI., too much to mention.
Twilight Ridge area of Nagrand. Add missing spawns and waypoints, fix visuals, and fix SAI.
Set basic immunities to most bosses (Charm, Fear, Root, Sleep, Freeze, Polymorph and Sapped)
Gramma Stonefield's Note
A Bloodstained Journal Page
Brock's List
Senir's Report
Fix spawn status of Winterhoof Water Well
Fix Hunter Trainer Offering Quest To Rogues
Fix pet spell cooldown being extended without successful cast
event between High Overlord Saurfang and Garrosh Hellscream in Warsong Hold scripted
event between Chieftain Wintergale, Durm Icehide and Sage Aeire at Taunka'le Village scripted.
fixed possible mount abuse after leaving BG

25% off our price points on our Omegapanel

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 19 Aug : 12:54

For 1 week ( august 19th till august 26th 2014) we will have 25% discount on all our price points on our Omegapanel.
So you pay now 25% less then normally.


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